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Spring 2023 Update

An experience worth living! This is what the team at Vicolo are whispering. Yes, indeed, after countless planning, meetings, ideas, and hard work, finally results are coming. It has been the busiest week yet, both online and walk-in reservations are up. This essentially means that the food and the service are meeting customers’ expectations which we can clearly see from the number of 5 star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor. Quality never lets you down and we have not stopped there. In the last 6 weeks the team worked hard to design a new menu that presents new dishes from starters to drinks. We are complementing our wine list with some amazing new entry delivered straight from Italy, carefully selected by our sommelier Vincenzo to combine the best wine to the best dish. Watch out for the suggested wine on our new food menu. Overall we cannot be more pleased and we wish you could take the opportunity to visit us and comment on our food.


Good food, Good wine, Good friends

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